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There is a reason why Istanbul is rapidly turning into a city for travellers. Not merely is Istanbul a friendly town, but it is a town situated on two different continents (a European side and Asian side), complete with varied and interesting neighborhoods and tasty Turkish cuisine. It is a town that is equally, mysterious and mysterious, having a background.

There is a great deal therefore I will reveal the highlights of my trip!

Sultanamet Area

Sultanamet District is a popular tourist community, home the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and also the Grand Bazaar. It has a plethora of restaurants, travel agencies, candy stores and cafes.

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is one of the prominent landmarks of Istanbul. Constructed by Sultan Ahmet that was 15 year-old, it had been intended to become an Islamic place of worship grander than the Hagia Sofia. The design isn’t only delightful, but easily my favourite landmark. Unlike mosques, this includes six miniarets, although four or two! It was given its name. There is a show in the Blue Mosque and a story.

It’s open prayer and every day calls are stored every 5 hours. Dress code: upon entering Girls need to wear a headdress. Shoes have to be eliminated.

Entry: Free; Daily Hours: 9am-6pm except through prayer times (approximately 30 min. Five times every day) and midday on Fridays.

Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia (pronounced Aya Sofia) has been the architectural highlight of the Byzantine age, once the architecture and arts flourished. It was constructed by the Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. It was then a mosque, a cathedral and now, a museum for visitors to go to. Entry: 30 TL or to get discounted savings you can Purchase a Museum Transport (read more in the slightest )

Basilica Cistern

Were you aware Istanbul had a underground scene?

The Basilica Cistern is the biggest of several hundred historical Byzantine cisterns resting under town of Istanbul. Constructed by Byzantine Emperor Justinian (527-565), it is nickname is your”Sunken Palace”. It was assembled with 336 columns and homes two rock carvings of medusa heads

Grand Bazaar

Up the manners or a 15 minute walk in Sultanamet Square, you will discover that the Grand Bazaar, a 500 year-old market equivalent to a massive mall that’s full of store-lined passing ways and alleys. It is thought to possess over 60 roads and it attracts a crowd. Be ready to be somewhat overwhelmed when you’re a shopper.

Whirling Dervish Ceremony

When in Rome… no more Turkey, why not take at a Whirling Dervish service . The religious and celebrational dance felt gown and hats, has had breeds previously with the authorities. Mevlevi Order was outlawed in Turkey. Now Konya and Istanbul would be.

Where: Hodjapasha Hocapsa Culture Center, Ankara Caddesi, Hocapaşa Hamam Sok No. 3B, Daily at 7: 00 pm . Entry : 60 Turkish Liras (roughly 30 U.S. dollars) and this includes refreshments. The operation is just 1 hour in duration and there’s absolutely no movie, no photography, without a applauding allowed.

Eminönü Area

The Eminönü district is your gritty crossroads, where you will discover the (Egyptian) Spice Bazaar, Galata Bridge and the ferry cruises that go down the Bospherous Strait and into the Asian side.

Cami Mosque (aka New Mosque)

Istanbul includes a great deal of mosques. A crowded but similarly beautiful mosque to see would be Cami Mosque, that sits between the Spice Bazaar and the ferry docks.

(Egyptian) Spice Bazaar

The (Egyptian) Spice Bazaar is a bazaar full of stalls of Turkish sweets and spices. These are. Some sellers here create their own spice mixes and will provide a flavor to you. It is a small touristy in sense and you be approached if you show any curiosity or interest in a thing.

Local Markets outside Spice Bazaar

You out will help to the secrets of kitchens if the Spice Bazaar is overly picky for you. Wander road where you will find foods that constitute a table and family kitchen solutions down.

Turkish Food

From road food to Turkish meals , you will discover an range of yummy Turkish cuisine to fulfill your desire when you are in Istanbul. If you would like to find out more about the Turkish colour, why don’t you take a cooking course or food excursion ? Being a vegetarian, I took a food excursion together with Turkish Flavours with Turkish Flavours to carry me within Turkish meals and present me to foods in my video record (below).

Turkish Sweets

The Turks have a sweet tooth and you’re going to see a good deal of shops . From pleasure to nut sprinkled pastries that were , they are all laid prepared to create your mouth-water! Turkish Sweets You Have To Attempt: Baklava, Turkish Delight.

Galata Tower

Wanna from high, observe a view of Istanbul? Stop by the Galata Tower. If you’re able to get beyond the 12 TL entrance, the Galata Tower is regarded as the greatest 360 degree perspective of Istanbul. I moved as it was rainy and foggy, so I needed to pass on it. Entrance : 12TL

Galata Bridge

The Galata Bridge crosses the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey. In 80 meters wide, it’s the second widest bridge in the world. The Galata Bridge joins the areas of Eminönü and Karaköy, also it’s the pier of choice for amateur anglers, that you will find camped outside in 1 place for the whole day!

Taksim Square

Taksim Square is a brilliant and contemporary portion of the town, situated on the European side of Istanbul. It is a transport hub. I tried to walk from then road and Galata Tower. I believed I succeeded… but the square is a genuine square and you will realize that the Old Tram create a valid stop there. The area has a purchasing, artsy and funky vibe. Surely an area to look out for.

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