The Ultimate Nepal Travel Guide + Packing Tips

Nepal is a state of shocking all-natural attractiveness and immense spiritual kindness. House to eight of the world’s ten highest mountain peaks, including Mount Everest, and a slew of river basins, rolling hills, and jungle valleys, Nepal presents opportunities for enthusiasts and photographers.

The nation is noteworthy as the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, in addition to being home to quite a few Roman temples that are impressive, which makes it the ideal destination for travellers interested in photography trekking, and ethno-tourism.

Nepal Travel Packing & Guide Tips

On-arrival tourist visas are available for citizens of Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, in addition to most nations at border entry points. This makes flying to Nepal an traveling alternative.

If you’re seeing from India or Tibet, crossing in a border by car or bus is possible. Remember that in case you’re planning to volunteer while in Nepal, then that’s technically regarded as”work” and you may be fined if lugging to a tourist visa without previous consent.

Transport in Nepal

Tourist buses may get around you from location to place, or you may lease a motorbike. Additionally, there are a number of airlines that offer destinations such as Pokhara and Bharatpur and flights between Kathmandu.

Trekking is popular among tourists, with each area. Treks can be ordered via trekking companies should you want to combine a group or research traveled circuits or IPPG tourism facilities.

If you are not utilized to separate travel in developing nations, you might want to consider reserving a guided excursion — even if it’s only for a part of your journey. This excursion covers a great deal of the very same places I seen and 12 times is the best quantity of time to invest in Nepal. Here’s a 8-night tour alternative too.

Nepal is among the states and I happy I did.

In spite of a tour guide, my visit to Nepal had its own challenges. That having been said, I’d travel back in another; the friendliness of the natives and the landscape’s attractiveness are incomparable to anywhere else on the planet.

There are also, although hinduism and Buddhism are the two biggest religions in Nepal.

Since the most people are Hindu, there’s a strict division of castes and you need to know about the rules surrounding drinking and eating, like eating with your handwashing your hands before and after meals, and avoiding touching water containers or other folks’ meals when eating at a bunch. You should also avoid touching others.

Food is eaten with the hands, and that’s why these concerns are significant. Lentils and illustrates the dependence of that the Nepalese diet on rice and spices, also rice with pickled vegetables curry, or berry is the dish. Based upon the area, you could experience specialties of yak solutions, and fresh fruit, veggie and meat dumplings.

Because of sanitary concerns drink bottled or boiled water and make confident all food is cooked and clean.

Headlamp: Nepal is your excursion that prompted me to ALWAYS maintain a headlamp within my carry-on tote . There are. Along with fumbling around in the room I had been stuck walking with the sounds of dogs into city from the pitch dark. Come ready with a minumum of one headlamp and many additional batteries!

Cozy Shoes: Another must-have Product! Bring comfy shoes which may be worn with trousers or skirts and a set of hiking shoes, should you anticipate doing some other trekking.

Bags: I do not suggest bringing wheeled luggage to Nepal; pack light and bring everything at a big framed backpack. Just be ready to carry it Should you bring bag. The roads aren’t conducive to wheeled luggage and lots of the hotels do not have elevators.

Voltage Converter & Adapter: you are going to need a C & D adapter to your electronic equipment and if they can’t manage 220v, then deliver a converter also.

Clothing: Bundle comfortable clothing which may be dressed up or down. Bring the essentials and leave space on your bag to bring some apparel!

Along with a winter jacket if you’re traveling in months or in the event that you will do any hiking.

Things to Do Nepal

Trekking: As mentioned before, trekking is now a favorite tourist activity and is a fantastic way to find the nation. From Royal”tea-house hiking” into group cultural treks and demanding summit trekking up Everest and other mountains, there are a lot of biking and biking options out there. You may undergo a business or employ guides.

You’ll have the chance to find sloth bear, rhinos, birds, monkeys, crocodiles, and even tigers. Unless things have changed since the region was visited by us, we would not suggest visiting the Elephant Breeding Center; the elephants do not appear to be cared for and are chained.


Kathmandu Valley: The Sea about Nepal’s capital is filled with temples and pilgrimage Websites, for example Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, as well as also the famous Monkey Temple. It is possible to reserve a personal day excursion which visits each one the primary temples for an extremely affordable price.

Nagarkot: Nagarkot is popularly called the top place for amazing Himalayan views directly from your resort! Club Himalaya is among the greatest hotels in the region and it provides 360 degree views of those jaw-dropping mountains.

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