The Top Things To Do And See In Pilsen

Pilsen is Czech Republic’s fourth biggest town, most famous for its Pilsner Urquell Brewery and also for being the birthplace of this Škoda auto business. There are loads of things because its standing as 2015 European Capital of Culture admits to do and see at Pilsen. Here’s a listing of the ten best places to go to during your visit.

Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden joins together with the zoo at Pilsen, in which the states of distinct bio-geographic areas of earth are simulated to be sure the critters are living as tightly as possible to their original habitat. That means you may be certain as you walk round the playground they are surrounded with the plants into and the critters living could have dwelt side. This is among the greatest in the Czech Republic and actually the zoo, also you are able to see creatures that are such as Alaskan sheep, bobcats, Palaearctic Berber lion and hippos. Children will enjoy the Dino Park.

Saint Bartholomew Cathedral

The Gothic Saint Bartholomew Cathedral using its identifying steep spire was built sometime in the late 13th century. It turned into a palace using its bishop and the Pilsner diocese in 1993. For a charge you can climb up the actions and It’s located in the middle of the square and admire the bird’s eye view. Do not forget to walk round the square below, in which you will get the richly city hall and some buildings.

Techmania Science Center

The Techmania Science Center provides an enjoyable experience for the entire family. It includes several displays explaining science. If you’re especially interested in Space come and observe the stars. Additionally, there are the’Science On a Sphere’ shows, that can be projections onto a world showing the transformations of the Earth . Ever wanted to learn what happens? Many puzzles will be shown in the science centre.

Opening hours Mon-Fri 8.30 am-5 pm, Sat 10 am-7 pm, Sun 10 am-6 pm

Address and phone : U Planetária 2969/1, Pilsen, Czech Republic, +420 737 247 581

J.K. Tyl Theater

If you’re hoping to experience a number of Pilsen’s civilization then have a look at the J.K. Tyl Theater’s app. There are numerous troupes of actors, dancers, Opera musicians and singers who perform here. The renaissance construction, with crystal chandelier and a golden, curved, red and classic theatre, will make the experience much more magical. You will convince that the status as European Capital of Culture of Pilsen is made.

Smetanovy sady 16, Pilsen, Czech Republic, +420 378 038 070


Pilsen is famed because of its brewery, which generates the yummy bottom-fermented pale lagers which are exported around the world. Since it started in 1839, the brewery was bringing pleasure to pupils and beer-lovers. They offer 11 unique varieties of wheat and malt beer, with and without. They taste some of their brews and also arrange fun tours round mill and the cellars at which you could find out about your beer is made. You may sign up to find out how to’tap on’ beer or test the brewing jobs . There is also a restaurant that serves specialties.

U Prazdroje 7, Pilsen, Czech Republic, +420 377 062 888


If you like history, particularly the period around the next World War, visit the Patton Memorial Museum. The museum’s display records from the US Army, the wake with the aid, and also the totalitarian regime prior to the liberation of Pilsen. Part of this display centers on George S. Patton, a controversial figure and commander in the military who mostly contributed to finish the Nazi regime. The museum is small but packed with videos, info and objects .

Opening hours Tue-Sun 9 am-1 pm

Address and phone : Pobřežní 2220/10, Pilsen, Czech Republic, +420 378 037 954

The Fantastic Synagogue

This unbelievable synagogue is the 2nd biggest in Europe and you may set its towers for miles around. Its architecture combines designs and intimate Asian Orthodox. The synagogue has been shut down during the rule and was utilized during World War II as a storage centre. It reopened and was restored in 1998. There are currently practicing Jews or so the synagogue is used as an exhibition hall for photography art and as a concert hall.

Sady Pětatřicátníků 35/11, Pilsen, Czech Republic, +420 377 235 749

Puppet Museum

The Puppet Museum, or Muzeum Loutek in Czech, is located on the square opposite the Saint Bartholomew Cathedral. The building is listed and dates back to the Middle Ages. The exhibition traces the history of puppetry in the end of the 19th century ahead from the area and Pilsen. It organised and is well-presented with entertaining videos, and every floor is devoted to a different period of time. You may try out tackling the puppets yourself, and children will love making their own displays up.

nám. Republiky 137/23, Pilsen 3, Czech Republic, +420 378 370 801

Pilsen Historical Underground

This tour takes you via Pilsen’s secret underground labyrinth of passageways, cellars and wells. It stretches out for more than two km under the city’s areas. You can find out more about history and Pilsen’s underground as the Middle Ages, in addition to learning about the history of beer brewing of the city. This is a superb activity should you adore exploring secretive areas or if you want to obey interesting anecdotes. You’re provided a voucher for a free beer. Do not forget to have a jumper since the temperatures are reduced below floor.

Veleslavínova 58/6, Pilsen, Czech Republic, +420 378 035 332

Logic games

Each of the players out there’ll be delighted to know there are logic matches in Pilsen. If you just speak English that your very best choice is your ‘Strike the door’ escape game that may be performed either Czech or English. The purpose of this game is to escape by deciphering and solving riddles and puzzles. This really is a fun place if you don’t end under one hour so don’t worry and you won’t fall into a pit. The owners are friendly and may offer you a few tips.

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