How to Travel in Norway on a Budget

With its fjords, archipelagos that are famous, and attractiveness that is indisputable, Norway sits on very top of traveller’s bucket lists. Like we put it away in contrast to other travel destinations. During our trip, we understood traveling can be accomplished with just a little planning.

Discover a few of the tips for finding lodging and how to spend less on transport and food .

How to Go to Norway

Establish a Daily Spending Limit

Specify and keep it up! This may mean couchsurfing, swimming, staying at a hostel, or even cooking your own meals. People cautioned me that it was not feasible to locate a hotel for we visited, however I found a lot.

Eating in restaurants is extremely costly. We could stick by purchasing meals and alcohol for lunch.

Novel in Advance

Hotels: once you book your own flights to Norway, you should begin exploring your lodging. Regions of Norway have limited available and the hotel choices tend to get booked up.

Before booking your hotel check to find out whether your rate includes breakfast. Many resorts offer you this included on your stay. So that we did not need for lunch, which left spending money on dinner painful, we stuffed at breakfast. We advocate to find cheap lodging in Norway.

Transport: in case you opt to skip leasing a vehicle, then reserving your transportation in advance is suggested. Explore credit cards that provide auto coverage Should you rent a car. Your finances can be certainly blown by the automobile rental insurance prices in Norway, but it is not without.

Stay With Locals

This will help you save money on meals and lodging. You won’t need to eat in a restaurant for every meal if you reserve an AirBnb using a kitchen. Remember that breakfast is included by resorts, so be certain that you take this into account when comparing prices remains.

Couchsurfing is just another alternative I have not tried, but it is loved by travelers. I love to have my very own area when traveling (I always reserve my own flats when utilizing AirBnb) and I have discovered it could be time consuming to attempt and discover a Couchsurfing host, but it is a terrific way to spend less if you’re on a very tight budget.

Travel in the Off Season

Period in Norway is May through August, once the weather isn’t too cold. If you’re traveling to areas where the Northern Lights can be seen by you December through roughly March is going to probably be high season. The weeks of October and April will be the very best bets for costs on lodging and flights.

Saving Money on Food & Alcohol

I had been told since it is so expensive in Norway, that the natives even eat at restaurants. We exploring by car and filled up in the supermarket to carry on hikes. We purchased almost all of our beer. Start looking for Kiwi and Rema 1000 .

Very similar to Sweden, beverages with an alcohol content of over 4.7percent cannot be sold in Norwegian supermarkets. Beer, spirits, and wine are sold in the Vinmonopolet and also their rates aren’t just affordable. Should you drink alcohol that is hard, you may want to make a jar on your bag.

If you do, head to family-owned or Asian restaurants eat outside. These are inclined to be more economical. Since it is typical for gratuity to be contained tips aren’t mandatory in restaurants and be sure you pay attention. Should you choose to suggestion, 5 to 10 percent is adequate.

Drink the Tap Water!

The tap water in Norway tastes much better than bottled water or any tap I have ever attempted. You ought to drink the tap water when you’re not on a budget.

Explore the Outdoors

Hiking in Norway: The very best thing about Norway, in my view, is the magnificent all-natural beauty and fortunately hiking is totally free! We spent and it was among my trips overseas.

We improved in Sognefjord and Geirangerfjord and spent a week at the Western Fjords. Throughout our period in Alesund, we woke up at dawn to stroll the 418 measures up from city park into Aksla Viewpoint to get a magnificent view of this archipelago.

Camping at Norway: it is also possible to throw a tent at the wild at no cost so long as you’re at 150m from homes, you do not stay over two nights, you do not demand a campfire, and you also carry all your crap out.

It is quite expensive to purchase equipment so I suggest bringing your own. We have produced the perfect camping kit for traveling which comprises a miniature camping cooker, mini cookware collection , exceptionally warm sleeping bag, lightweight 2-person tent, Therm-a-Rest sleeping pads, along with internal frame back .


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