Dubai is used for travelers. There is a surprising number of things to get this while Dubai is easily a stopover town where you hit on the websites in a few days. I loved my time in Dubai! It is a town trapped between the new and the older. A region in a traditional culture with old world habits while at precisely the exact same period a Middle-Eastern Vegas where anything goes (as long as it is behind closed doors). I was amazed by in a week I hardly scraped the surface — and just how much there was to perform in this town. Dubai is and that I hope you use this guide to help organize!

Walk around

Dubai is filled with places which are free to get into, and magnificent to walk round. Spend the day in any given mall or shopping place: Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, City Center Mirdif, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Sunset Theater, Souk al Bahar, etc.. There is a lot to see without visiting a mall, and should you depart Dubai !

Eat hummus

Plenty of restaurants have hummus and”tapas” style meals accessible. Take a filling meal by ordering 2-3 rather than purchasing a meal. This is particularly great if you are eating with other people so it’s possible to divide the bill!

Jump the Burj Khalifa in sunset

If you are heading up the Burj Khalifa (maybe not my favourite activity), tickets during the sunset hours are way more costly. Skip it Considering that the sunset view is in factn’t that far better. You will pay around 30% !

Speak with the natives

The people here are amazingly hospitable and candy, which makes them a superb source for the intrepid traveler. Do not be afraid to ask the natives for hints on places to eat, things to do, etc.,. Not only will you get to socialize with the people however, you get a few great, insight that is neighborhood!

Select your lodging wisely

Stay in walking distance of a subway stop. The subway is inexpensive, so you are in a position to access to areas in the event that you’re able to walk into a halt.

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DIY desert safari

Do not lease a car. Inquire if they have a buddy who’ll take you if you know anybody who resides in Dubai. As locals visit the desert often in the warmer 18, this is not a major deal. Perhaps you will get lucky and find.

Utilization Groupon

Groupon is Remarkably Popular in Dubai. Use it to find discounts. Check, When there’s something that you wish to do. Odds are you can get a discount!

Exude a funding joyful hour

The lifeblood of any drinker, joyful hours will be in which you can go to save a dollar: out of McGettigan’s beverage specials (29 AED ($8 USD) for chosen house drinks) into Agency’s 100 AED ($27 USD) jar of wines. Dubai is FULL of joyful hours (and beverage specials are seen at The Entertainer also ).

Get The Entertainer

This magazine includes specials and discounts for hotels, restaurants, and actions, such as 2-for-1 offers. You download the program for 445 AED or can find a hardcopy. Odds are you can receive you money’s worth if you anticipate doing a whole lot while it is not cheap.

See Burj Khalifa

The tallest building on earth enables you to move until the 128th flooring for 100 AED ($27 USD). From that point, you get views of desert and the town. When I went it was rather obscure, but it still made for a gorgeous contrast. I would strongly recommend it (but do not cover 500 AED ($136 USD) for the 148th flooring. It is not that far of a gap!) . At night, the building is illuminated with a stunning light show of fish, palm trees, along with other scenes while the fountain beneath dances to songs.

Have a desert safari

if you would like to find a flavor of the desert, then go out on a day-long safari with Hidden Object. You will have the ability to ride a camel, maintain a falcon, research the desert, and consume some food. A day-long trip will cost approximately 315 AED. (Notice: you can find additional desert safaris which might be more economical, but this really is the complete experience).

Visit International Village

That is a gigantic entertainment extravaganza, with dining, shopping, and live performances coming together to make an unbelievable cultural experience. This is similar to Epcot Center in Disney World, but it showcases the various civilizations of the Middle East. There are sword and dancing displays, in addition to lots of foods. Entry is just 15 AED!

Dubai Miracle Garden

This unique and vibrant garden is well worth spending some time viewing. The garden was started in 2013 and can be dispersed over 72,000 square meters, which makes it the world’s biggest natural flower garden comprising over 109 million flowers planted. Remember your camera. Entry is just 40 AED. (Notice: it is best seen in the day ).

Visit Kite Beach

If you are into kite surfer or water sports, then this is a superb spot to catch some waves. The winds pick up at the day, which makes it a fantastic time to strike the water or simply sit back and watch others take action. If watersports are not your thing, simply come here in order to grab some rays and unwind. My favourite, more”neighborhood” restaurant is named Tent Jumeriah, and it is about the walkway between Kite Beach and the Burj Dubai Hotel.

The Marina

The marina area is surrounded by tall buildings and also has a gorgeous boardwalk. You are able to see the fancy ships and find some magnificent photos of the harbor and skyline. Make sure you checkout Pier 7, that will be seven floors of pubs and pubs on the water. I enjoyed Asia Asia, with its flashy Asian motif (it’s 2-for-1 specials at The Entertainer also!) .

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

This souk (marketplace ) is a contemporary building designed to look just like something from Aladdin, but it is home to some extraordinary restaurants, such as Agency, a contemporary wine bar with a massive choice of wines and tasty meat and meat plates. There is a gorgeous courtyard pond inside this complicated.

Dubai Museum

A little museum in Old Dubai with not a great deal of advice but a few really cool screens. It teaches you Dubai’s background and culture and lifestyle in town. At $1 USD entry, you can not fail.

Visit Old Dubai

This is Dubai because it was. Markets (such as the renowned gold marketplace ) pepper the place, little shops line the roads, and you may get lost in a maze of alleyways. Have a boat drift visit Dubai as it’s away from the glitz of high-rises and those Islands, eat at a number of the restaurants, explore the art parks, and check out the Dubai Museum.

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