Be Enchanted by Beautiful Barcelona

There are a lot of reasons that travellers flock into the city of Barcelona, and a few of these has to do with all the blend of historical paintings alongside masterpieces. Barcelona captures our hearts Also as sights like Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. You will quickly be eating at midnight and Having a dining and drinking landscape, spend a couple of days here and partying into the wee hours of the afternoon together with the natives! Visiting Barcelona and indulging in its amazing culture is surely one of our best bucket listing things in Spain.

Get Lost in Vibrant Madrid

Although Barcelona is a tourist town to strike on when the funding is as beguiling. Total of a power which melts Madrid, each road is 1 city that’s lively and alive 24/7 in regards to midnight! Famous for its museums, cuisine that is amazing, Madrid, and nightlife is 1 town you will see yourself being swept along soaking up the culture. For a complete guide to making the most of the town, visit our City Break Guide to Madrid!

Discover Ancient Granada

Granada is the place if you would like to research an ancient Moorish town! Step into background and roam Alhambra, Granada palace’s roads, and also find out about the beyond that is unbelievable this 1 destination has seen. Boy, even if these walls could speak! Seeing Granada is unquestionably among the finest things to do in Andalusia.

Lounge on Some of the Best Beaches

With amazing weather, naturally, beaches will be among the list of things to do while! The real question is where? While looking for that sloth-life in sunlight, the Costa Del Sol comes to mind. Plus it’s some of the greatest fish and nightlife! You might even decide to go to the coastal city of Nerja to unite some trekking, sightseeing, and culture. To the islands, you might venture From the Southern area of Spain to take some fairly epic island adventure sport or to relax. If you would like to test your luck in browsing, have a look at our post on the best surf spots in Spain or whenever you walk something calmer, browse finest paddle dressing in Europe.

Challenge Yourself With El Camino de Santiago

Stretching for 800 km from the French border to Santiago de Compostela at North-Western Spain, El Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James) is a struggle that lots of travelers choose on while visiting Spain. This pilgrimage requires a month to finish, a great deal of dedication and determination, and it is assumed to become among the experiences which you may have. Walking this popular course definitely makes it upon our top experience vacations in Spain list. If hiking is not your thing, take a look at our guide to the finest rock climbing in Spain.

Festivals and Celebrations

We love coming across festivals once we even traveling and travel to a location once we understand an epic affair is happening. In Spain, they have excellent parties like the Running of the Bulls (held in July at Pamplona) and La Tomatina (held on the last Wednesday in August at Buñol). Even in case you don’t need to consciously run away in the bulls (because that’s quite hazardous ) or throw tomatoes in tens of thousands of different folks, you’re still able to visit the occasions to enjoy some fantastic food and drink and a much better atmosphere!


So that you can get your fill of the freshest fish sangria spain is home to the Mediterranean cuisine, and tapas packed with taste everywhere! These are the dishes that you can not leave without trying if you are only passing in your journeys through Spain:


With a plate of paella, you can not go. When you’ve Paella Valenciana (rice with veggies, poultry, duck, and rabbit), Seafood Paella or Paella Mixta (free-style mix with rice), trust us if we state that you won’t be disappointed, especially in case you’ve got a jug of sangria or 2 too!

Tortilla Español

This omelet that is easy is a traditional dish comprising pepper, eggs, onion, salt and potatoes, and it’s outstanding! The simple fact it is by far the most frequent dish in the nation goes to show it is, although we do not understand what they do for this.

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Okay, tapas might not be a dish, but it’s a lot of dishes that are just as amazing as the second! The most well-known dishes (and ones you need to attempt ) are Gambas Ajillo (garlic prawns), Patatas Bravas (hot peppers ), Calamari a la Plancha (grilled calamari) and Morcilla (blood sausage).

Jamon Iberico

You have not tasted ham till you have had a few of the in Spain. Jamón ibérico is a cured ham that comes to provide a taste that is rich and tasty to it. You’ll come across some of the very best in Madrid!

Crema Catalana

This dessert will strike all the ideal spots In case you’ve got a sweet tooth! Even a dessert served cold and infused with cinnamon and lemon rind is a must-try while at Barcelona.

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