Bali is an island of vibrant adventure, culture, and colour. The island’s mix of volcanic hillsides and mountain , lush vegetation and beach make it the most famous island getaway in Indonesia.

It’s not known as the Isle of the Gods for no reason; a visit to Bali can be a life-changing experience! Experience the island’s most famous surfing explore the temples, mountains, and black sand beaches of the rest of the island or swells in South Bali.


The good news isthat many of the resorts of Bali will offer drop-off and pickup service to and from either included on your stay or for a discounted fee. The bad news is, Bali’s roads aren’t the best nor are they amazingly friendly to pedestrians.

If provided, you will be off organizing with your hotel or your tour guides.

Public transportation is cheap and easily available, but will normally stick to tourist paths. Both tourist shuttle busses and ferry providers provide travel between the cities on the island.

To get off the beaten path, it might be best to rent a vehicle, private scooter or driver to get your trip; make sure your International Drivers Permit is up to date if you lease a vehicle or scooter. If using a bemo or taxi service, ensure that their meter is on before you begin, or which you’ve agreed on a set price to prevent disagreements.

Food & Culture

Bali is one of the most openly spiritual islands in Indonesia and you will see many signs of this on your trip. Many of its people follow their own unique brand of Balinese Hinduism, incorporating it in leaf-plate offerings that are numerous, design, and their dances.

You’re likely to find these offerings anywhere, from your hotel desk into the street that is very! Obtaining theater functionality or a ritual dancing, which tell specific stories, is a top priority for many visitors.

The island is also famous for its warung, or street vendor food. Even by a local warung, you should try out a cheap meal on a luxury excursion! Unlike most of the rest of Indonesia, that is mostly Muslim, lots of Balinese dishes include fish, as well as rice and noodles, vegetables, and pork –and they can be quite hot!

Working with a tolerance for spicy food prior to your trip is advised. There are only a few vegetarian options in Balinese cuisine so if you’ve got dietary restrictions, you may want to do a little research.

Surfing — Southern Bali is famous for its amazing surfing beaches including Dreamland, Padang Padang, and Uluwatu. Though lessons are available, most will be for surfers.

Kecak Fire Dance — This ritual dance was invented in the 1930s but is dramatic, such as a chanting chorus and costumed players retelling the story of Rama’s defeat of the demon king Ravana about a fire.

Balinese Temples — All these amazing architectural wonders are a breathtaking must-see on the staircase. In Southern Bali there is the famed Pura Luhur Uluwatu, or you’ll be able to see the Besakih on Bali’s highest mountain.

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